July 13 | Bangalore

The Conclave saw top professionals from Private Equity - Venture Capital investors and Advisory Firms throw light on the key trends affecting transactions in the current environment.


4 Sessions 24 Speakers 225 Delegates
45 Investors 3 Networking
40 Startups


The day's proceedings kicked off with the inaugural panel titled Private Equity: Opportunities in the New Normal that discussed the developments and opportunities that PE Investors are exploring.

PE Panel

Macro Panel Macro View

Speakers included:

  • Arjun Ghose, Partner, Trilegal

  • Rajalakshmi Vaidyanathan, Vice President, TVS Capital Funds

  • Mukul Gulati, President & CIO, Zephyr Management

  • Ashish Agrawal, Director, Resurgent India

  • Vikash Rathi, Portfolio Management, Premji Invest

  • Deepak Gowda, Partner, Ascent Capital

The Private Equity panel covered Global and Domestic events and trends that could impact PE Investments in the coming months.

The PE panel was followed by Sectors in Focus panel which covered the sectors VC investors are focused on currently (especially Artificial Intelligence, Climate Tech & EV) and the impact of regulatory changes on startups operating in these areas.

 Sector Panel

Macro Panel Macro View

Speakers included:

  • Ankush Agrawal, Partner, AVA

  • Tejas Adiga, Partner, Trilegal

  • Venkat S Raju, Venture Partner, YourNest Venture Capital

  • Prachi Sinha, Head - Healthcare, Agritech, Climate-tech Investments, Axilor Ventures

  • Arjun Rao, Partner, Speciale Invest

After the panel, four startups participated in a pitching session reminiscent of Shark Tank.

The Sectors in Focus panel was followed by Exits in Focus panel covering options for companies and investors looking for liquidity in the current environment.

Exit  Panel

Macro Panel Macro View

Speakers included:

  • Anirudh Agarwala, Partner, Trilegal

  • Amish Dedhia, Principal, Chiratae Ventures

  • Mahesh Parasuraman, Co-Founder and Partner, Amicus Capital

  • Samir Kumar, MD & General Partner, Athera Venture Partners

  • Abinandan T S, Managing Director, Veda Corporate Advisors

  • Ramesh Kannan, Partner, Somerset Indus Capital Partners

The Exits in Focus panel was followed by Venture Capital: The Road Ahead panel which focused on when we are likely to see a turnaround in the funding environment, the impact of down rounds on the ecosystem and some lasting solutions on the Startup Governance front.

VC  Panel

Macro Panel Macro View

Speakers included:

  • Nitish Agrawal, Founder & Managing Director, Indium Capital

  • Ashish Sharma, Managing Partner, Innoven Capital

  • Mitali Chitre, Partner, Baring India

  • Anoop N Menon, Principal \Investments, Chiratae Ventures

  • Pallav Singh, Managing Partner, Sphiti Capital

PE-VC Investors who participated in the Event included:

Amicus Capital, Arali Ventures, Anicut Capital, Ascent Capital, Athera Venture Partners, Axilor Ventures, Bain Capital, Baring India, Chiratae Ventures, GenNx360 India, IAN, Innoven Capital, JITO, Jupiter Capital, Lok Capital, Manipal Group, PremjiInvest, P3 Green Fund, Somerset Indus Healthcare Fund, Speciale Invest, Sphiti Capital, Stakeboat Capital, TNIFMC, TVS Capital Funds, Yournest Venture Capital, Zephyr Management and many more.

Macro Panel

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